Covernotes - Summer 2013

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 Insurance Matters - Summer 2013

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Insurance Matters A/W 2012

Insurance Matters A/W 2012

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Covernotes Winter 2012

Covernotes Winter 2012

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Market Overview and Outlook 2013

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Market Overview and Outlook 2013


Covernotes Summer 2012

Covernotes Summer 2012

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Inside this issue: That sinking feeling, Stress in the work place, Motor Fleet claims tips, Getting upto speed, Cyber crime and

Fee For Intervention (FFI)


Insurance Matters: Spring and Summer 2012


Insurance Matters - Spring/Summer 2012

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Inside this issue: Olym-Pick Pocketers, La con duite en France, Ensure your day goes without a hitch!, Changes to driving licence rules in Great Britain and Home Security.


Covernotes Spring 2012

Covernotes Spring - 2012

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Inside this issue: 2012 Corporate Hospitality, Credit Insurance, Directors' Risks, Product Recall, Motor Fleet and Plant & Farm Theft

Winter weather precautions!

Winter can bring with it troublesome times for people, no matter if you are a homeowner, tenant (private or commercial property) or a business who operates all year round.

Have a look at our hints and tips to make sure your Winter is not spoilt by the damage it can bring.


Household/Residential Property Owners or Commercial Policies


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If you are unsure above the cover provided by your policy for this risk please contact us for clarification

Corner Cutting Fears

Whilst many businesses need to control costs to survive, this year there is real concern that organisations will also cut corners, leading to an unsafe working environment.


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Motoring your way out of the recession


Managing work-related vehicle risks can be of great benefit to yourbusiness and can help you save money. We examine the changing nature of motor fleet risks and how the recession may impact on them, with tips on how to best manage the risks:


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Insurance Times

BBC News

1:36 am (7 hours ago)
Both sides in the Scottish referendum campaign make their final pitches to voters as the latest polls suggest the result remains too close to call.
7:41 am (51 minutes ago)
Checks and balances on how academy chains in England spend large amounts of public money are "too weak", according to research.
Yesterday 10:14 pm (10 hours ago)
US President Barack Obama calls the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a threat to security worldwide while announcing a larger US role, including 3,000 troops, to help fight the virus.
7:13 am (an hour ago)
Police investigating the murders of two Britons in Thailand say they may have been wrong to rule out Western suspects, including a British man.
Yesterday 9:42 pm (11 hours ago)
The US space agency picks the companies it hopes can take the country's astronauts back into space - a capability lost when the shuttles retired in 2011.
1:05 am (7 hours ago)
King Richard III was likely to have been killed by two blows to the head and one to his pelvis, according to new research.
8:05 am (27 minutes ago)
A key Ukrainian rebel leader tells the BBC a new law granting self-rule to parts of the east will not sway the demand for independence.
12:06 am (8 hours ago)
Bosses of UK listed companies could see their pay packages overhauled under new rules from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).
1:21 am (7 hours ago)
Grants worth £213.5m were paid to councils for waste projects even though key facilities have yet to be built, MPs say.
2:09 am (6 hours ago)
The UN brokers a deal on rebuilding in the Gaza Strip, giving roles to the Palestinian Authority and private sector, its top Mid-East envoy says.
1:18 am (7 hours ago)
World War Two records reveal the existence of a glamorous female secret agent whose job was to see if other agents could keep their mouths shut.
12:21 am (8 hours ago)
The aftermath of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake saw the founding of the elite rescue group Los Topos or 'The Moles'
Yesterday 11:08 pm (9 hours ago)
The Hollywood actor, Leonardo diCaprio, has been appointed as a United Nations representative on climate change.
1:18 am (7 hours ago)
Scientists have had the extremely rare chance to examine an intact colossal squid after it was accidentally caught in the Antarctic, as Mauricio Olmedo-Perez reports
12:16 am (8 hours ago)
BBC Click looks at a new laser projector that promises to deliver brighter and clearer pictures.
Yesterday 9:59 pm (11 hours ago)
Part of a bridge has been demolished near Paducah in Kentucky, in the US.
Yesterday 9:42 pm (11 hours ago)
Plans for spending almost £5m raised by teenage cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton have been revealed.
Yesterday 10:41 am (22 hours ago)
A new range of smart watches are coming but will they have the right features to tempt consumers?
Yesterday, 7:55 am
Television show Crimewatch is marking 30 years of helping to solve crimes by appealing to the public for information.
6:03 am (2 hours ago)
The increasingly fractious nature of campaigning in the Scottish independence referendum is captured by papers a day ahead of the vote.
Yesterday 9:09 pm (11 hours ago)
A sound piece, a 75-second description of a Roman pot, wins a prestigious prize for drawing for the first time in its 20-year history.
Yesterday 9:36 am (23 hours ago)
A village in Shropshire would become the exact centre of the UK if Scotland became independent, Ordnance Survey calculates.
Yesterday 10:48 pm (10 hours ago)
A late Steven Gerrard penalty gives Liverpool a dramatic victory after Mario Balotelli scores his first goal for the club.
Yesterday 9:51 pm (11 hours ago)
Arsenal make a losing start to their Champions League campaign as Borussia Dortmund secure a deserved victory.
Yesterday 7:08 pm (13 hours ago)
Two-time Open champion Greg Norman says he had a premonition about the chainsaw accident in which he nearly lost his left hand.
Yesterday 10:10 pm (10 hours ago)
Ospreys join Cardiff Blues in monitoring Leigh Halfpenny after Toulon president raises questions over the player's contract.
Yesterday 11:30 pm (9 hours ago)
Newcastle and Argentina midfielder Jonas Gutierrez says he had a testicle removed after being diagnosed with cancer.
8:06 am (27 minutes ago)
Retailer JD Sports says it achieved record trading in the first half of this year, with a big increase in profits.
1:36 am (7 hours ago)
Who is the man behind Alibaba, the e-commerce giant that is about to launch a record listing on the New York stock market?
Yesterday 4:10 pm (16 hours ago)
Cheaper food and fuel prices helped to push down the UK consumer price inflation rate to 1.5% in August, official figures show.
Yesterday 12:24 pm (20 hours ago)
Andrew Neil on the campaign with Yes Scotland in Hamilton, a traditional Labour seat visited by Nicola Sturgeon.
7:04 am (an hour ago)
A trial of an experimental vaccine against the Ebola virus is to begin in Oxford.
Yesterday 12:48 pm (20 hours ago)
An innovative vaccine delivery method called the Nanopatch is being evaluated by the World Health Organisation in the hope it can be used to help eradicate polio.
Yesterday 12:23 pm (20 hours ago)
Head teachers say that carrying out Ofsted inspections without warning is like treating school staff as "naughty children".
Thursday, September 11th, 12:57 pm
Some parents, concerned about their children's welfare when they go to university for the first time this weekend, have been signing them up for cookery classes.
Yesterday 4:02 pm (17 hours ago)
Panasonic unveils a hybrid smartphone-camera, at the Photokina trade show in Cologne.
Monday, 3:06 pm
Google launches the first Android One branded smartphones in India.
2:27 am (6 hours ago)
Engineers build a chin strap that harnesses the energy produced by jaw movements, and could one day power hearing aids or bluetooth earpieces.
Yesterday 11:08 pm (9 hours ago)
The Hollywood actor, Leonardo diCaprio, has been appointed as a United Nations representative on climate change.
Yesterday 1:22 pm (19 hours ago)
Actor Steve McFadden has accepted "substantial damages" from the News of the World's publishers and the Metropolitan Police, a judge is told.
Yesterday 10:32 am (22 hours ago)
Professor Green spoke to BBC Breakfast about his new single Lullaby.
Yesterday 2:20 pm (18 hours ago)
There are grave predictions of a shortage of olive oil. But once the UK didn't consume much at all.
Monday, 4:32 pm
More children are playing instruments today than two decades ago - but is the violin seen as too difficult?
Yesterday 9:39 pm (11 hours ago)
Two men die as a helicopter on its way to Humberside Airport crashes into the sea off the East Yorkshire coast.
Yesterday 10:15 pm (10 hours ago)
A man is arrested on suspicion of murder over the "one-punch" killing of a man in Manchester.
Yesterday 10:49 pm (10 hours ago)
Both sides in the Scottish independence referendum debate seize on a pledge by the three main Westminster parties to devolve more powers.
Yesterday 11:54 pm (9 hours ago)
The developers of a tidal energy scheme in the Pentland Firth sign a deal to sell electricity generated by the project.
8:01 am (32 minutes ago)
Four Northern Ireland people have been injured in a plane crash at a Florida park on Monday.
6:22 am (2 hours ago)
A US billionaire philanthropist is providing grants in Northern Ireland for dementia care, shared education and early years learning.
7:17 am (an hour ago)
Almost half of smokers in Wales have been offered illegal tobacco to buy and 15% of all tobacco sold there is illegal, a charity has found.
8:04 am (29 minutes ago)
Welfare cuts are likely to lead to the loss of 3,000 jobs in the south Wales valleys, a new report says.
Yesterday 6:07 pm (14 hours ago)
South Sudan government issues an order to non-governmental organisations and private firms to fire foreign workers by mid-October amid an aid crisis.
Yesterday 2:34 pm (18 hours ago)
Nigerian police in Abuja are seeking an IT worker alleging he helped to steal £25m from the bank where he worked.
7:59 am (33 minutes ago)
Voting ends in the first election in Fiji since former military ruler Frank Bainimarama took power in a coup in 2006.
7:25 am (an hour ago)
Bangladesh's Supreme Court commutes Islamist leader Delwar Sayeedi's death sentence for crimes in the 1971 independence war to life imprisonment.
Yesterday 6:53 pm (14 hours ago)
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls narrowly wins a crucial confidence vote in parliament, despite a recent cabinet revolt over austerity measures.
Yesterday 4:55 pm (16 hours ago)
Russia needs to boost forces in Crimea because of the Ukraine crisis and a foreign military build-up, Russia's defence minister says.
12:07 am (8 hours ago)
Tropical storm Odile is moving up Mexico's Baja California peninsula, bringing heavy rains and the threat of mudslides and flash floods.
Yesterday 3:02 pm (18 hours ago)
Armed robbers steal the archbishop of Rio de Janeiro's crucifix, even though one of the gang recognised him and apologised.
Yesterday 5:44 pm (15 hours ago)
US ground forces could be deployed against Islamic State militants if the current strategy fails, a top US general says.
Yesterday 2:08 pm (18 hours ago)
Turkey is developing plans for a buffer zone on its border with Iraq and Syria against Islamic State militants, leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan says.
4:29 am (4 hours ago)
South Korean authorities say they have detained an American man they believe was trying to swim to North Korea.
2:32 am (6 hours ago)
A man from Rochester, New York has been charged with trying to recruit people to join Islamic State and to shoot people in the US, say prosecutors.
Yesterday 12:49 pm (20 hours ago)
News images from around the world: 16 September
Saturday, September 13th, 6:41 pm
Yes and No campaigns in the final weekend
Friday, September 12th, 3:28 pm
Pictures from the verdict
Sunday, September 14th, 12:06 am
Oxford's first international photography festival
Monday, 12:51 pm
News images from around the world: 15 September
Friday, September 12th, 3:49 pm
Some of the best news photos from around the world
Friday, September 12th, 12:40 pm
News images from around the world: 12 September
Friday, September 12th, 2:43 am
One foot in Scotland, the other in England
Friday, September 12th, 3:49 pm
Tory MP John Baron asks an urgent question on the government's response to Islamic State.
7:35 am (58 minutes ago)
NASA has chosen two private companies to build a new generation of spacecraft that will take their astronauts to the International Space Station.
Yesterday 11:25 pm (9 hours ago)
US ground forces could be deployed against Islamic State (IS) militants if the current US-led strategy fails, top US General Martin Dempsey has said.
3:00 am (6 hours ago)
There have been clashes in Brazil's largest city Sao Paulo following the eviction of 200 families occupying an old hotel in the city.
Yesterday 8:12 pm (12 hours ago)
Two men die after a helicopter crashes off the coast of Flamborough in East Yorkshire.
Yesterday 7:13 pm (13 hours ago)
Fergus Walsh reports from Malawi on how the country has worked to reduce infant mortality.
Yesterday 9:08 am (23 hours ago)
Stephen Sutton's mother Jane pays tribute to her son as someone who ''lived life to the full'', as plans are revealed for spending the money he raised in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Monday, 9:43 pm
Two van drivers had a lucky escape after a pavement explosion in central London which was caught on CCTV.
Yesterday, 8:10 am
Hurricane Odile causes devastation in the beach resorts of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, triggering looting in some areas.
12:19 am (8 hours ago)
Why Lord of the Flies holds true 60 years on
1:52 am (7 hours ago)
'Why I loved/loathed my 1960s tower block'
12:16 am (8 hours ago)
The freedivers risking their lives to swim with whales
12:25 am (8 hours ago)
Five bugs that lurk in changing rooms
12:30 am (8 hours ago)
Keeping the sound of Spain's clacking castanets alive
Yesterday 7:47 pm (13 hours ago)
Atlantic City's long hot streak comes to an end
12:28 am (8 hours ago)
The US prisoner of war who built a $180m company
Yesterday 9:29 am (23 hours ago)
More action is needed to tackle Ebola, say experts
12:11 am (8 hours ago)
How do jobs fit into the referendum debate?
Yesterday 10:00 am (23 hours ago)
Why Islamic State will not endure
Yesterday, 12:23 am
Why EU-Ukraine trade pact is at risk


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