Corporate Team

“Time is Money”

Our objective is to save you both.

Time – many businesses “save time” by rushing through the purchase decision without really considering the impact of claims.  In our experience the drain on time will be greatest when the purchasing decision was wrong and when the worst happens the cover is not as expected or there is an exclusion that wasn’t properly explained.  We take the time to understand your business and ensure your arrangements are right for you – it works better in the long run!

Money – the question we ask is cheapest or value?  If it is the cheapest then we may not always be able to help because there is usually somebody who will offer you a cheaper quote – you will only ever find out if it really was a good deal when you make a claim.

We use value as our barometer – our equation is simple

Competitive Premium + Right Policy + Right Insurer = Value

All backed up with our service that includes regular review meetings, dedicated people managing your arrangements, a dedicated claims team and no automated telephone menus anywhere!

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