Motor Fleet

Keep on movin’ ”

Whether you have only three vehicles or 500+, and regardless of whether they are cars or 44T GVW trucks or anything in between, DR&P can cover them on a fleet-rated policy.

We’ve got vast experience in and knowledge across all vehicle products: Haulage including carriage of hazardous goods; Courier; Business Fleet; and Coach & Minibus. We’ll make sure you keep on movin’.

Any vehicle which is owned and registered to your company can be covered under a Motor Fleet policy. This can include vehicles owned and registered in the Director(s) name. Vehicles that you hire-in/loaned can also be covered, along with any courtesy vehicles and ones under a lease agreement to your company or Director of your company.

In all cases they need to be notified to us and the Motor Insurance Database (MID)

We have an excellent market of Insurers from which to source Motor Fleet policies, so our clients can feel secure in the knowledge we will get them the right policy at the right price.

Fleet Service Overview

We help our clients understand how fleet premiums are calculated. Understanding how insurers work gives you the focus and tools to be able to control claims costs, working with us to ultimately reduce premiums.

DR&P provides full transparency on earnings, so you can see what you’re paying for. Our motivation is to provide you with the best service and advice possible, to enable us to ultimately achieve the most competitive premiums in the market.

We have broad access to all Motor Insurer providers, enabling us to source the best possible match for your individual needs.

All of this is backed up with a truly independent approach to placement.

Claims Service and Management

Our client-driven approach means we build strong relationships with our clients that really make us stand out from the crowd.

We’re confident in our abilities and offer a service that makes all the difference. It includes:

  • Assigning you a dedicated Claims Handler. We strongly believe that a broker should help you with your claims.

  • Holding regular claims review meetings – at your convenience and to meet your requirements.

  • Providing full claim management from first notification to final settlement. This includes review and negotiation of outstanding claims/reserves, recovery of policy excess, claims analysis and reporting.

  • Providing regular claims updates and giving our clients the forum needed on claims, so key claims experience is signed off by our clients and us in good time for renewal.

  • Appraising your Account Executive of all your current claims, as well as having them directly involved with all major losses.

  • Analysing and forecasting claims data to identify trends.

  • Maintaining strong relationships with adjusters and solicitors appointed by your insurers. We want to ensure your claim is handled without undue delay and in a professional manner.

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Whilst speaking with us about your Motor Fleet, please enquire about how we can help you with your other business insurances in the same professional way.