Public Liability

Peace of mind”

In our increasingly blame culture focused society, Public Liability (PL) insurance is now a critical insurance protection for any business that has contact with customers and the general public.

PL insurance covers you for the cost of a claim from a third party, such as a member of the public, who has suffered injury, death or property damage caused by you or your employees during the course of your business activities.

PL provides the peace of mind you need to ensure your energy is focussed on running your business. It covers:

  • Legal expenses – Should a claim be made against you the policy will help with the cost of your legal defence.

  • Cost of repairs – The cost of repairing damage to the claimant’s property, for example knocking over and breaking a computer in their offices, or a contractor causing a leak/flood to premises they are working on.

  • Medical fees – The cost of hospital treatment if a claim is made against you for these.

  • Compensation claims – Injury to third parties or damage to their property if an accident occurs on your business premises, or anywhere else.

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