Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection provides a continuing income for employees, as well as rehabilitation support if they cannot work long-term due to illness or injury.

With the state’s Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) being significantly lower than the average annual salary*, is there a better reason to provide such a valuable benefit to your employees?

It can be used by you:

  • To help manage sickness and the associated costs; with rehabilitation services included, employees can be supported in getting back to health and back to work – helping to reduce the length of sickness absence and the impact on your business
  • As an employee benefit to provide continued income whilst absent, helping to relieve money worries at a difficult time
  • This valuable benefit can boost morale and help attract and retain the right calibre of staff – factors that are essential to business growth

Schemes can be designed to suit you, your business needs and your budget and we can help you put the right
policy in place to meet these.