Trade Credit & Bonds

Keep your business running smoothly with bespoke trade credit & bonds services.

Trade Credit Insurance

Financial protection for your business against non-payment of invoices, providing cover for buyer insolvency and cashflow certainty.

In depth overview of your prospects and customers with up to the minute information provided by our credit insurers.

Current financial information has never been so important – gain insight into how your customers have traded over the last year with real time late payment intelligence.

You don’t even have to insure all of your debtors.
Choose from the following:

  • Whole turnover policies
    Insure all of your turnover and benefit from economies of scale
  • Selective debtor cover
    Choose to only insure certain customers
  • One off cover by the invoice
    Buy cover one invoice at a time
  • Export and cover in difficult markets
    Insure your debts outside of the UK
  • Construction focussed policies covering retentions & work off site
    Specialist cover to protect your profit margins
  • Pre-credit/manufacturing risks
    Insure against cost incurred before goods are delivered
  • Debt collection services
    Let the insurer collect your debts and protect your commercial relationship, overcoming any language or cultural barriers outside of the UK


Security for the bond holder to provide financial protection/ guarantee against non-completion of a project as agreed.

Protect your cashflow with a surety bond.

  • Performance bonds (construction and non-construction)
    Guarantee of a contract’s performance in accordance with the agreed upon terms, in the result of a breach of contract
  • Retention bonds
    A guarantee in place of a retention that would usually be held as cash, allowing the retention to be paid out early
  • Highway/sewer bonds
    A guarantee for property developers/house builders to fulfil the statutory obligations for construction and maintenance of highways/roads and sewers for handover to the local authority
  • Travel bonds
    Security for travel agents/package tour operators to protect customers who have made payments in advance, to pay for repatriation costs in the form of ABTA/ATOL/IATA
  • Import/ duty deferment bonds
    For HMRC for the payment of duty and taxes
    • Advance/Stage payment bonds Provide security when money is paid before goods or services are supplied or delivered